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About us

3 areas of expertise in the world of pools

The companies ACIS, WA Conception and Bio-Pool formed the ACWA group. This merger has enabled sharing of know-how and skills of the various grop members to develop new products dedicated to the world of pools

Logo ACIS - Groupe ACWA

Designer & Manufacturer
of pool equipment

As a specialist in swimming pool equipment, ACIS has strengthened its expertise over the years through different worlds such as pool equipment, technical room and hydrotherapy solutions.

Logo WA Conception - Groupe ACWA

Designer & Manufacturer
of electrical solutions

Specialized in the design of electrical boxes and controllers since 1992, WA Conception focused on the creation of electrical solutions for private and public swimming pools.

Logo Bio-Pool Groupe ACWA

Designer and Manufacturer
of water treatment

30 years of experience in compatible cells and salt chlorinators for professionals. A know-how and expertise that guarantee a quality product.

Icone skimmer - Groupe ACWA
Sealing parts
Icone pompe de filtration - ACWA
Icone éclairage - Groupe ACWA
Icone balnéo et NCC - Groupe ACWA
Balneo & CCS
Picto ACWA - Coffret électrique
Electrical boxes
Picto ACWA - Relais connecté
Connected solutions
Picto ACWA - Coffret régulation
Icone traitement de l'eau - Groupe ACWA
Water treatments
Icone électrolyseur - Groupe ACWA
Salt chlorinators
Icone cellules compatible - Groupe ACWA
Compatible cells
Logo ACIS - Groupe ACWA

Designer & Manufacturer of pool equipment

Logo WA Conception - Groupe ACWA

Designer & Manufacturer of electrical solutions

Logo Bio-Pool Groupe ACWA

Designer & Manufacturer of water treatment

An design office dedicated at the connected products

Solutions designed for the technical room of tomorrow

Application On.e - Groupe ACWA

The engineers of our design office in Pessac work to offer you innovative products adapted to your needs.

ACWA Groupe
Connected pool

Bring value to your offer and strengthen your customer relationship with our connected solutions!

Why choose ACWA ?

In a constant search for innovation, the creativity of the ACWA Group is nourished by the field feedback. 

Picto logo groupe ACWA


The ACWA group masters its manufacturing processes, our products are patented and our production teams are trained in the expected product qualities.

Picto logo groupe ACWA


Our products are designed in an eco-responsible approach for a more sustainable pool.

Picto logo groupe ACWA


Our products are compatible with all products on the market. And, in accordance wiith specifications, they can be customized according to your image and your needs.

Picto logo groupe ACWA

Sense of service

Customer satisfaction is one of our priorities. The entire technical sales team, after-sales and technical support quarantees a quality and personnalized support to its customers.

Work together

Equipe commerciale groupe ACWA

And everywhere else...

Guido Camp
Guido Camp
Export manager Northern Europe
Patricio Silva
Patricio Silva
Export manager Southern Europe

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