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A research and development team with specific areas of expertise

The ACWA design office brings together all the key sectors of the swimming pool to imagine the service unit of tomorrow: hydraulics, electricity, electronics, water chemistry, product design, etc. 
Thanks to the development of technologically advanced and patented products, our vision of the swimming pool is realized year after year. 

Why choose ACWA?

In a constant search for innovation, the creativity of the ACWA group is nourished by feedback from the field.

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Each production site of the ACWA group masters its manufacturing methods responding to a strict quality approach. Based in France, all our teams are trained in the technical specificities of our mostly patented products.

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In addition to offering less energy-consuming solutions, our manufacturing processes are also part of an eco-responsible approach, by opting for short-circuit materials and subcontractors or in the choice of recycled materials.

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Compatibility anb custom made

Determined to meet all pool configurations, our products are compatible with most brands and equipment on the market. As a designer and manufacturer, we personalize our products to match your brand image.

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The sense of service

Customer satisfaction is one of our priorities. The entire technical-sales, after-sales and technical support team guarantees quality and personalized support to its customers.

Let's work together

Équipe commerciale groupe ACWA
in France

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Carte France groupe ACWA
Secteur Nord Est Secteur Est Secteur Sud Est Secteur Sud Est Secteur Sud Ouest Secteur Ouest Secteur Nord Ouest

Secteur Nord Est

Jean-Christophe Boulan
Technico-commercial secteur Nord Est

Secteur Est

Lucas Abrial 
Technico-commercial secteur Est

Secteur Sud Est

Christine Legal 
Technico-commerciale secteur Sud Est

Secteur Sud Est

Christine Legal
Technico-commerciale secteur Sud Est

Secteur Sud Ouest

Maxime Cazères
Technico-commercial secteur Sud Ouest

Secteur Ouest

Jonathan Vitry
Technico-commercial secteur Ouest

Secteur Nord Ouest

Olivier Mougenot
Technico-commercial secteur Nord Ouest

and everywhere else

Patricio Silva

Export manager Southern Europe

Guido Camp

Export manager Northern Europe

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