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Dive into the ACWA universe

3 companies serving the technical room of tomorrow

Specialist in pool equipment, the ACWA group is above above all 3 companies specialized in the pool world. This merger enabled sharing the know-how and skills to develope new products dedicated to the world of pools


ACWA group companies

The technical room of tomorrow

In constant search of evolution, ACWA Group continues to innovate and invest in the research and development. Our engineers team is constantly improving our product lines according to your needs.
These developments and novelties are real innovations, often patented, proof of our investment and know-how.

Towards an eco-responsible pool

ACWA group focuses on the new challenges of the pool related to the energy crisis by developing new products. Known for their quality products and the reliability of their components, each of the three companies in the gorup is constantly evolving towards more eco-friendly products, with a more economical consumption of resources and a longer service life

Made in France

Local values and proximity are at the heart of the ACWA DNA. All products are imagined, designed and manufactured in France within the group companies; so our teams are trained in manufacture our products in our factories according to the specifications guaranteeing quality and know-how. This proximity also allows us to manage all our products from our french premises within the three companies, to offer you an availability of stocks and a real responsiveness in accordance with your needs

ACWA Group

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